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Connect + Learn

Educators are using social media to connect with colleagues, gain knowledge, and learn about resources, technology and topics to enhance teaching and learning. Whether you want to expand your professional presence, or simply learn from others, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook provide a valuable platform for engagement inside and outside the classroom.
Math on Twitter

Follow popular and purposeful math leaders, teachers and education technology experts on a handy social media platform. Stay informed and engaged with current math topics, resources, news and tools.

David Wees

Follow and learn from an educational technology consultant and dedicated math and science teacher.

Murray Bourne

Get to know a learner, trainer and math enthusiast who shares great strategies and resources.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Follow NCTM for professional development opportunities, pertinent math news and valuable resources.

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Connect to NCSM for professional learning opportunities, math resources, articles and blog posts to support and sustain improved student mathematics achievement.

Patrick Honner

Get to know Mr. Honner, a well-known math teacher, regular contributor to The New York Times Learning Network, and recipient of several prestigious awards in Mathematics.

The Math Forum @Drexel

Tune into teachers, mathematicians, researchers, students and parents using the power of the Web to learn math and improve math education.

Teaching Children Mathematics

Follow the NCTM journal for PreK-6 grade math education. Find ideas, activities and research.
Math on Facebook

Increase your knowledge and know-how with interesting people and organizations on Facebook! Learn about new math resources, find useful articles, professional development opportunities, teaching tips, strategies, learning games and activities.

Bedtime Math
Explore fun math problems with your children. Find great posts and links to useful articles and resources.
The Math Forum at Drexel
Learn from the best! The Math Forum at Drexel University is the leading interactive learning community for mathematics and math education.
National Council of Teachers of Math
Access news updates, figure out fun math problems, learn about professional development opportunities and find helpful tips and resources from NCTM.
NRICH Mathematics Project
Explore free rich mathematics resources for students and teachers.
NCTM: Illuminations
Find great blog posts, brain teasers, resources, ideas and timely news about what’s happening in math.
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Learn about professional development opportunities, upcoming conferences and webinars, and find informative posts from guest bloggers.
Enhance Your Tweets with Hashtags

Do you use "hashtags" with your tweets? If not, you might be missing out; it’s a great way for people to learn about and follow a topic, theme, resource or special event. The hashtag also enables people to search for tweets containing specific words. Tip: Hashtags are generally added at the end of a tweet. Simply enter the “#” sign before a key word such as “math” or “mathematics” to target your message to specific audiences.

Explore a few popular math hashtag streams: