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Vocabulary Recording

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Since Geometry does require alot of vocabulary what methods (other than application of course) do you find most helpful in getting students to learn the extensive vocabulary included in each unit?


I have successfully implemented the use of making a graphic organizer for important vocabulary words using the Frayer model. A sheet of paper is divided into four sections by folding and the word is written in the center. Each section is labeled: definition, characteristics, examples and non-examples. Students complete each section and in doindgso have a far better understanding of the term or concept.

Helping students to see the "pieces" of the word often helps them to understand and remember the meaning. For example, the word triangle is "tri" and "angle". Students probably know other words like tricycle that you can use to make connections between the prefix "tri" and the number three.

This offers a great opportunity to integrate reading into math, possibly synchronizing a spelling list with a geometry unit may help students see the repetition in terms throughout the day!