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As technology moves us forward some age old strategies still work best.

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The temptation to use technology in all instruction may be real, but the reality is that some kinestetic techniques are still best. The use of beads and stick bundles may help some students learn about place value better than the use of a computer program. How did you learn about place value? Would you still use those methods today?


I think that a blended approach is the best. Technology offers unique tools for instruction and provides motivation for students. However, there are many strategies that have been proven thru time to work, so I think we should move forward to adopt new and innovative instructional tools while finding the time and making good use of traditional methods. The key to how and when to use what is to determine where the student needs are and providing effective instructional activities based on the student's learning style.

There are some really great programs for technology integration in math; computer activities, IPad Applications, and IWB programs. The key to any of them is to make sure the appropriate human feedback is available to the student when it is needed. We are more flexible in our teaching than any program and are best able to meet the needs of the students when we are actively directing them towards meaningful learning tasks.