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Students writing problems

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When students solve a problem or complete an assignment early, I often have them make up their own problems (with solutions) following a similar format. Cows and Sheep, in the classroom collection for SMP 2, offers a good structure for that. Students can swap and solve each others' problems. It's a chance for them to take their thinking to a higher level. I often learn a lot about their understanding or their misperceptions. I'd be interested in hearing if your students do this and how you manage it.


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Problem-solving helps children to take their thinking to a higher level. So encouraging students to solve a problem or write essays improve their writing skills and help them think wisely and find solutions. Most schools follow such fastest internet provider methods and engaged their students in writing and similar activities.

I think this would be a great time to have students use their math journals. They can write their problems in their journals on the left hand side and pass their journal to another student to solve on the right hand side, at the end of the period you can collect these journal and be able to see the work of two students at once! Another option would be if there wasn't time to exchange, the students could just make up a problem and you could pick one to use as a review the next day with the class.