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State Data and interactive Map

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If you are looking for a lesson in data handling (analysis and display), this one from NCTM’s Illuminations is nice. Search “State Data” and be sure to try the “State Data Map” applet which makes the handling handy. The map, linked from the lesson, stores data in 11 mostly geographical or political categories, automatically displays the numbers along with a color coded map and a box and whisker plot.

Would you contribute your favorite data sources to this discussion? They may end up in the Mathlanding catalog and we'd be very grateful.


You can influence your application to pass KML (containing the areas) with implanted points of interest to a Google Map administration and exploit the highlights Google gives. In the event that that doesn't work for you, top paper service has a few libraries to enable you to make your own tool. They are open source and may be an approach for you.