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Sensitive students

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Often times students can be sensitive to criticism, especially from their peers. What do you do in your classroom to make it okay to voice your opinion and not worry about how your classmates will respond? What do you do to make it okay to critique others, even your friends, in the classroom?


I have no idea about this but as a writer and editor where I offer assignment writing so I usually concern with the students about their projects I haven’t conducted any lecture, in fact, I didn’t face the classroom as a teacher but after all this I can say that using my experience sensitive students must be treated with kindness and try to avoid strict behavior because this thing can be more dangerous and also make some huddles for his or her student life. My own suggestion is that try to pay some extra attention to these students this act will be helpful for them to overcome from the sensitivity.

One idea to help students accept the ideas given in a critiquing session is to follow the routine of:

1. Notice one thing you like about the work. (in other words, valuing)
2. Wonder one thing that you don't understand. (in other words, question the accuracy or the strategy or maybe just the way the solution is being communicated -- not complete enough or not clear enough)

There's nothing like starting out with praise to soften the criticism. If the classroom culture includes valuing but also questions that help the critiqued person reflect and revise, then everyone is working together to improve and not to discourage improvement.


I like this strategy! And if everyone has to follow it, then it doesn't become personal!