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Order, Order Empowerment

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I was thinking about the potential in the two resources Order, Order and In Order. Students might be motivated to make their own sets of measurable objects or researchable facts, and to challenge others to place them in order, and thus have a data/stat experience as well.

Do you have ideas for measurement activities that connect to other mathematics, or to other subjects?


It might be useful for students to determine and compare the area and perimeter of different classrooms in the school, the faculty lounge, the library, the gym, etc. Students could make predictions about the order and then carry out the experiment and discuss their findings and give supporting reasons. They could also transfer this into an at home project where they choose 3 rooms in their house and compare them.

Beth, those are nice ideas. I was also thinking about having students get familiar with research tools at their libraries or on the internet. Mathlanding also lists excellent data sources in its collection "Great Sites for Real Data." Students can find measurement data on mountains, weather, animals, sports, geography and nutrition.