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Math Apps: the good, the bad, and the recommended

Are you using math apps on iPads or other mobile devices with your students? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on what is good and what is not. Share your ideas and we can learn and grow together!

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"Get to the Core with K-5 Math" was a great webinar where Sue Gorman shared many great apps. Popplet, ThingLink, and Write About This are a few that I am anxious to check out. Here is a link to the webinar. Get ready to be WOWed
Get to the Core Webinar

This app is cataloged in Mathlanding here:
On first glance you might not realize how many different possibilities there are in using this with students. If you view the Mathlanding catalog description you'll see the hint "For elementary purposes click on the book in the bottom right of the screen and then select the Elementary Mathematics Guide."

The app also has this "User's Guide" with links to additional information:

It would be great to hear stories of how teachers are using this iPad app,
* in a "one iPad" classroom -- is there a way you're connecting your iPad to display the small screen to the whole class? Or, perhaps, do you use it at a teacher-led center where the smaller screen could be seen (and touched) by the 3 or 4 students with whom you're working?
* in a "classroom cart iPad" classroom -- how do you give instructions for the use of the iPad activity? Are students able to follow the activity using the guiding questions?


What do you consider a reasonable cost for an app? What can be done in the classroom to protect these very expensive pieces of equipement? I know that in my own household we have broken our iPad twice, I can only imagine how this is handled in the classroom.

This free app comes with software that could be used by teachers to demonstrate math content and initiate great discussions. Check out the common multiples activity.

Sketchpad Explorer is definitely one of the most comprehensive Free Apps that I have seen. I was surprised at how much was there for elementary students, especially since when you open the app initially it looks like it is going to be all about the Pythagorean Thereom. The directions in the description really help to navigate the app.