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Importing Data and Google Spreadsheet

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The Google Spreadsheet (a part of Google apps) can make importing data from the web faster and easier. One command from the spreadsheet can access data from a web page table and install it in a block of cells in the spreadsheet. From there you can analyze and graph the set to your heart’s content.

I found the idea in a Learning and Leading article listed below. You might try, as I did successfully, to import a table from the World Climate site in this Mathlanding collection. I imported rows of monthly average temperatures from Argentina and New York and created a graph which shows the difference in when the four seasons of the year occur. You can see it at

Instructions for the Google Spreadsheet also contain this command.

Once you have the data in the Google Spreadsheet, you can try copy/pasting to the spreadsheet you prefer working with. Please let us know what you try and what works?

Bull, G. and Garofalo, Joe. "Data in the Cloud." Learning and Leading with Technology, 37:7. May 2010. 

on the web at


This application is such a save. I remember spending a lot of time transferring data to the table, or creating a separate table and chart. Using this application, the teacher can select the data and import it into the table and create the graph in a few seconds

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This application is such a timesaver. I can remember spending a lot of time transferring data into a table or creating a table and graph separately. With this application teachers can select data and import it into a table and create graphs in a matter of seconds. This is fantastic!

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