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Floor installation should have some elements:

the requirements of the ground: 1) outdoor wpc floor pavement should be hidden in the ground works, ceiling works, wall works, hydropower projects completed and after acceptance. 2) the ground surface layer should have sufficient strength and thickness, the surface quality should be consistent with the current national standards, norms of the relevant provisions. 3) with 2m by foot to detect the ground flatness, by the foot and the ground should be the maximum string height ≤ 3mm; otherwise the user is recommended to do the ground leveling. 4) Ground moisture content should be less than 20%, otherwise it should be moisture treatment.

the floor installation requirements: 1) floor installation should be thoroughly cleaned before the ground to ensure that the ground without floating soil, no obvious protrusion and construction waste. 2) floor pad laying requirements do not overlap to cover the entire laying of the ground, the joints apply adhesive tape tight. Can be placed in the mat under the mattress, the width of the joints should be more than 200mm overlap and tight adhesive tape, the corner turned up not less than 50mm. 3) mat thickness ≥ 2mm. 4) floor and wall and ground attachments to maintain 8 ~ 12mm reserved expansion joints. 5) For sizing, the coating should be continuous, uniform, appropriate, the floor after the split, should be properly removed to the surface of the adhesive on the floor.

Flooring pavement length or width ≥ 8m, it should be in the appropriate location to cut off the expansion joints, and with the buckle transition. Close to the door, it is necessary to set the expansion joints, and with the buckle transition. The buckle should be installed securely. 7) in the floor and other ground material convergence, set the expansion joints ≥ 8mm, and install the buckle transition. The buckle should be installed securely. 8) After the pavement is completed, the pavement staff should fully clean the construction site, and a comprehensive inspection of the floor pavement quality, to determine the pavement defects before asking the user in the pavement acceptance signed on the confirmation.

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