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Have you had experience teaching a student with a specific math learning disability? What strategies worked best with that student? What advice would you offer a new teacher that had a students with a specific math learning disability in their class?


I would like to suggest that be calm with the student and try to make him/her understand with ease. Help your students anyhow and do whatever you can do to help your student and develop a confidence in your student so that he/she can try to do good.

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I once had a child in a class for gifted students who had difficulties with organization. While that's not exactly a math disability, it had a negative effect on his ability to show or explain how he arrived at an answer. Using graphic organizers designed to help him write his steps as he solved problems seemed to help. I kept a supply of different types available and provided the most appropriate one to him initially. As the year went on, he was able to make his own choice as to which one would work best and he would pick it up from a designated spot where they were always available. I also sent some graphic organizers home to his parents so he could use them for homework too.

Yes, alot of times the Gifted students in my classes would need help organizing in order to turn in assignments, complete assignments, and tackle harder tasks (since they were used to math being "easy" for them, they didn't always respond well to challenges). I found that in 5th grade binder organization help was key, introducing students to a method of storing assignments in a place that was easy to retrieve them, and to a way of keeping notes for later reference.