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Calculation Nation?

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Has anyone used these games with grade 4 students? Are there any really useful ones for this age group?


Ii will improve knowledge not in a huge amount but it will improve

I noticed on the Calculation Nation site it mentions that the games work best if you close all other applications on your computer. Perhaps time of day and number of users affect this too. It seems to work well for me this morning.

I've developed a game to improve basic mathematical operations, too. You can check it out at,

Give it a try.. Great for kids

I have tried to download a few of these games today and they are very slow. Is this typical? Other Web sites have not been a problem today, therefore i think it is Calculation Nation.

Some of the games on Calculation Nation could be used with students in Grade 3 and 4. Fraction Dazzle, Square Off, and Times Square all seem like good matches. Of course, students would need good directions and modeling of these activities prior to working on their own at computer stations. I could definitely see using these activities before or after a lesson for quick practice and review. Other activities, like Flip-and-Slide are definitely intended for 5th grade and above.