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Beyond the correct answer

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To create discourse in the classrooms teachers must show their students that they value a student's explanation of how they arrived at an answer rather than just getting the correct answer. What do you do as a teacher to promote this in your classroom?


When I have students go over their answers to work I usually have 2-3 people show the same problem so that everyone can see how a variety of solution methods work. When possible I hand select students that have solved the problem in different ways. For this type of sharing out I really love the use of a document camera because it allows me to show each students work without them having to reproduce it.

Beth's suggestion came to mind first and then I thought of my chair on wheels. If space permits, I try to avoid standing over a student (having them talk to their paper), nor do I 'stoop to conquer.' If the desks are grouped, or if there are group tables, I pull up my chair and join the discussion.