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8 Best Online Games To Help Kids in Math!

Games are usually fun, but they are also addictive to the point that they deviate the attention of children away from their studies. But what if we were to make games that in turn, educate children? Now thanks to the magic of mobile and online technology, it is possible to achieve that goal.

We have carefully rounded up the best brain-pumping games with the research at that help children learn and have a swell time with as well. You won’t have to worry about your ward avoiding their learning anytime soon.

1. Christmas Lights Math

Christmas is right around the corner and its time to decorate the house with stockings, mistletoes, and your Christmas tree. Of course, during the holidays, you would not want your child to be left behind in their math skills. So we figured that the best way to keep their hold of it is with Christmas Lights Math.

It truly honors the tradition of Christmas and ensures that your ward’s mind is not completely shut off. The game tests you with a bunch of questions that you must answer in one minute before you can set up the Christmas Lights in the game. It has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2. 2048

It may seem complex at first sight, but when given the chance it is addictively educational. All you have to do is join the numbers until you get to the 2048 tile. Swipe the tiles in any direction. You will get a single tile after two tiles of the same number touch and join. When you get to the 2048 tile, you win.

3. Brainie

Using your brain could be quite the field trip that you never knew you could have. This game is specifically designed to test your child’s math skills. You play using the mouse to select the boxes. Then you will get the value shown in a bubble right next to the title character Brainie’s head.

The difficulty gets tougher with each level you pass.

4. Clear It! Addition

Want to know the potential of your child’s math addition skills? Try Clear It Addition. The players must create number sentences, which in turn add up to the target numbers provided. You can earn extra stars if you complete the game before the timer runs out or even extra points.

There are other Clear It games that deal with subtraction, multiplication, and division. All of them support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility.

5. Math Man

Math Man is the platform that your ward needs to push up their elementary math skills. It has everything from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. It is an enjoyable game that both kids and adults can even enjoy.

6. Math Bingo

Math BINGO is another great math-building game that enables children to practice math facts on their computer. Kids can select addition, subtraction, multiplication or division BINGO and then select the difficulty level.

7. Marble Drop Addition

Marble Drop Addition is the kind of arcade-style game that you would want your kids to play just to practice their addition. Players must collect numbered marbles that add up to the target numbers shown right at the top of the screen. Kids will know about the various combination of numbers that add up to the target number.

Players can make up as many target numbers as they want before the timer runs out.

8. Math Facts Basketball

Now kids can solve math problems like playing basketball. When players get five math work problems correct in a row, they can take foul shots with the basketball. The score reports are posted right before the player exits the game.