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5 Ways You Can Make A Difference In Your School!

Let's face it; most students moan and groan when they think about school starting again. You may hate the prospect of having to get up early, or just being in that environment. However, what many students don't realize is that it is up to them to make their school year the best so far!

Below are a few ways to make your school life better for you and everyone around you. With social media, you can make a positive difference online as well as in real life:

1. Include Those Left Out

There's always a loner in every class, but very few of them are actually loners by choice. This year, take out the time to reach out to that classmate who always seems to be left out. If you're lucky enough to have a class where everyone is good friends, and then try including the inevitable new kid. It's fun to know new people, and you never know how much they would appreciate it.

2. Help Out in Studies

If you have passion in a subject, you should offer to those who don't. Some people get passionate about English or math, and passing this on would be of great help to those around them.

Of course, if you're strapped for cash, you can hold paid tutoring sessions. However, do take the time out to help a weak student who may not be able to pay you. It never hurts to do a good deed. And you never know when you may need other as well.

In fact, you may be able to start a tutoring circle of sorts. This could entail some students meeting up after school to help out each other in their weak areas. This way, everyone wins!

3. Consider Extracurricular Activities

Sometimes, you just want to be out of school the moment the bell rings. This semester, try to look up some after school clubs and activities. Playing a sport, acting, or contributing to the school magazine can greatly enhance your school life.

Participating in projects outside of school can also make for an impressive resume or college application. Plus, you would likely make friends with people having the same interests, or develop new interests yourself.

4. Be Positively Active Online

Social media and other online facilities are valuable tools to make the most of your school life. You can do so much more than just scrolling through your newsfeed every night. Start an anti-bullying campaign, protest against pollution or raise any social issue deserving attention.

If nothing else, make sure to share productive content and make positive comments. There's nothing to gain from making mean comments. With youth suicide and cyber bullying on the rise, you never know when your kind words could end up saving a life. Encourage your friends to have the same positive attitude online as well as in real life.

5. Take Action

If something is bothering you in school, take steps to combat it. If the walls are peeling, the air conditioners aren't working; you can do much more than just complain about it. If the school doesn't have the money to fix the building and provide the proper facilities, ask what students can do to help.

You can arrange fundraisers and even care package drives for needy students. There so much an individual can do, and they don't realize it until they start taking action.