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The Three Part lesson in Mathematics: Co-planning, Co-teaching and Supporting Student Learning

This collection of 21 videos (2 - 12 min each) details the 3-part lesson structure used in Ontario math classrooms. Lessons involve open-ended problems and teaching practices that build self-efficacy, independence, collaboration, and communication. The videos follow a team of teachers and support staff as they plan and co-teach a lesson on fractions based on the 3-part structure: activation of prior knowledge, work on the problem, and consolidation and practice. The series includes clips offering related perspectives from Lucy West, Deborah Ball, Marian Small, and Steven Katz. Videos may be streamed or downloaded (.mov or .wmv). A downloadable (pdf) Viewer's Guide summarizes and elaborates on the videos and provides reflection questions.
Contributed by: Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Education, Publisher
Math TopicMeasurement, Number Sense, Decimals, Fractions, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes
Grade Level4, 5, 6+
Resource TypeInstructional Strategy, Lesson Plans, Video

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    • LanguageEnglish (USA)
    • Education TopicAssessment of students, Educational environment, Instructional materials, Professional development, Teacher content knowledge, Teaching strategies
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    • ContributorLiteracy and Numeracy Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Education, Publisher
    • Publication Date2013
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    • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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