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Product of Simple Fractions

This Java applet displays the multiplication of two fractions as an overlaying of rectangular areas. The left rectangle illustrates the left fraction as a horizontal fraction bar; the right rectangle shows the right fraction as a vertical fraction bar; and the middle rectangle represents their overlay. To change the numerator or denominator of the multiplicands, click a digit slightly off-center (left to decrease, right to increase).
Contributed by: Interactive Math Miscellany and Puzzles, Alexander Bogomolny, Author
Math TopicMeasurement, Number Sense, Fractions, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes, Basic Operations
Grade Level3, 4, 5
Resource TypeDemonstration, Interactive Media

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    • LanguageEnglish (USA)
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    • ContributorInteractive Math Miscellany and Puzzles, Alexander Bogomolny, Author
    • Publication Date2011
    • RightsCopyright (c) 1996-2011 Alexander Bogomolny.
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  • User Comments
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      Good Resource
      By bethb on 02/19/2013 - 15:16
    • This is a good resources to show how multiplying fractions works. However you need to read the directions carefully to make it show a variety of fractions.