Resources and Tools for Elementary Math Specialists and Teachers
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Mobilize Mathematics: Mobile Learning Meets the Common Core

About this Webinar
Length: approx. 1 hour
This webinar is full of practical tips and ideas which can be taken directly back to the classroom. Designed for elementary school math teachers, participants will learn about useful apps and how to create authentic, real-world activities.

Math education is moving away from traditional “procedural” methods toward “understanding” with a focus on helping students learn real-world applications, rather than just coming up with the right answers. Based on the 8 Common Core Mathematics Practices, this webinar provides practical tips and ideas to help students make sense of mathematics through the use of mobile devices.

Apps connected to the practices will be demonstrated to help educators show students how to connect math with everyday life, hold effective mathematical discussions, and practice skills. The presenter discusses mobile options including iOS, Android, and Web 2.0 and how to use technology and tools strategically to support the Common Core.

*This webinar begins with a brief overview of