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Lengths of Ladybugs

This lesson plan for teachers of kindergarten students involves activities that introduce the concepts of using a non-standard unit to measure length and associating a measurement with a number. After introducing the lesson with a literature connection, students cut out their own measuring cards and use them to compare lengths, and measure distance along a path using a line of ladybug beans and a non-standard tape. Materials, handouts, and suggestions for extensions and parental involvement are included.
Contributed by: Utah Education Network - Publisher, Utah LessonPlans - Author
This resource is included in the following PD Collection(s):
Introducing Measurement Concepts K-2This collection of resources is intended to help educators introduce measurement concepts to primary grade students. The resources assist in teaching the concepts of units of measurement, recognizing measurable attributes, comparing sizes, and estimating measurements. Videos, articles, instructor guides, lessons and unit plans are included. More measurement resources can be found in a companion classroom collection and in a second PD collection for grades 3-5.
Math TopicMeasurement, Number Sense, Number Concepts, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes
Grade LevelK
Resource TypeActivity, Lesson Plans

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    • Publication Date2006-06-24
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