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Cluster Problems

In this 4-minute video, educators can watch a teacher deliver a fourth grade lesson on using number sense, arrays, and simpler calculations to solve a more complex problem, called a cluster problem. Watch this teacher check for understanding of multiplicative distribution and the use of arrays.
Contributed by: PBS & WGBH Educational Foundation - Publisher, TeacherLine - Author
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CCSS Practice Standard 8The resources in this collection are intended to help educators understand and implement the eighth Mathematical Practice Standard of the CCSS. You will find informative presentations, lesson plans, and problem sets that will help establish mathematical habits of mind that support this standard. You'll also find many problem tasks for use with students in the companion classroom collection.
Math TopicMeasurement, Number Sense, Basic Operations, Number Concepts, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes
Grade Level3, 4, 5
Resource TypeLesson Plans, Video

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    • AudienceEducator
    • LanguageEnglish (USA)
    • Education TopicTeaching strategies
    • Interdisciplinary Connection
    • Professional DevelopmentYes
    • ContributorPBS & WGBH Educational Foundation - Publisher, TeacherLine - Author
    • Publication Date2012
    • RightsCopyright 2011 PBS & WGBH Educational Foundation
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      Checking for Understanding
      By bmcrum on 10/10/2012 - 16:11
    • The teacher asks for a better explaination to make sure the students understands the process.