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3rd Grade Content Standards

This web page provides links to resources aligned to the CCSS that guide and support third grade mathematics teaching and learning. Tasks developed by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) and Problems of the Month, (POM home page is cataloged separately) developed by the Noyce Foundation are included. The tasks were designed to measure students’ ability to solve non-routine problems, explain and justify their solutions, and promote high level thinking skills. They include the scoring rubric, student responses, and discussion of student understanding and misconceptions. Resources are listed for specific grade 3 standards and are also organized by progression for an alternate search route.
Contributed by: Noyce Foundation - Initiator, Inside Mathematics - Publisher, The Shell Centre - Author
Math TopicAlgebraic Thinking, Geometry, Measurement, Number Sense, Fractions, Basic Operations, Number Concepts, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes, Data and Statistics
Grade Level3
Resource TypeInstructional Strategy, Problem Set, Reference Materials

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    • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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