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Strategies for Teaching Students Struggling With Mathematics

Why do we need different teaching strategies for students with math disabilities and those who struggle with mathematics?

All educators are aware that not all students learn in the same manner.  However, it is difficult to reach all learners all of the time.  Often it is the students who understand and participate in the lesson that drive the instruction, leaving the student who “hides in the back” completely lost.  The teaching strategies provided in this collection are intended to help teachers differentiate their lessons to reach those students who are struggling with mathematics.  These resources are comprised of webpages, articles, and research reports showcasing teaching strategies to reach these struggling learners, whether they are struggling due to a learning disability or they just have difficulty with math.

How will these resources help? 

These resources provide techniques teachers can use to assess and intervene when students are struggling in mathematics.  There are tips on how to engage struggling learners, strategies for improving problem solving, and suggestions for intervention models.  Several resources suggest interventions that address students’ needs in reading while learning math, as well as for English language learners.  Three of the resources discuss the specifics of choosing and integrating technology into instruction, which has been shown to benefit all learners.  There are also some longer items that include research studies on effective teaching strategies and response to intervention. 

Differentiation: Not just for those who are struggling with mathematics

Differentiation is often associated with reaching students who need more assistance, reteaching, or intervention.  However, differentiation should be used with all levels of learners.  Since we know that students have a preferred learning style, it makes sense to provide tasks that reflect students' abilities and preferences, and that challenge them at the appropriate level. .  Several of the resources in this collection provide insight into differentiation for all students, including one resource from NCTM on Tips for Supporting All Students: Equity and Diversity

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