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Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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The Number System
Apply and extend previous understandings of numbers to the system of rational numbers.
5. Understand that positive and negative numbers are used together to describe quantities having opposite directions or values (e.g., temperature above/below zero, elevation above/below sea level, credits/debits, positive/negative electric charge); use positive and negative numbers to represent quantities in real-world contexts, explaining the meaning of 0 in each situation.

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In this one-page article Steven Strogatz discusses the concept of subtraction, and how we use and make sense of negative numbers. He offers a way to understand why the product of two negative numbers is positive and discusses several real world applications of the concept. The author includes references and notes. This article is part of the author's series on the Elements of Math (menu page cataloged separately).
Reference Materials, Article
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6+
In this iOS app users try to rescue the Wuzzits by unlocking their cages using the gears provided. The game requires logic and problem solving combined with the composition and decomposition of numbers. The game includes seventy-five different puzzles and rewards the players with points for fewest moves.
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6+